Tax Services

Take the hassle out of the tax preparation process. We take care of everything.

Financial Planning

We help you plan the right mix of debt instruments that decreases your total costs and improves your credit score.


We assist you in choosing the right investment mix for improved returns and reduced risk.

Business Consulting

We help you develop, refine and execute your business and financial plans.

Accounting and Tax

Whether you need accounting services, tax return filing or a tax review and planning advice, we can help with tailored advises and services. Both your individual and business needs will be examined and accounting and tax solutions will be presented.


We will work with you to develop a well though investment policy statement and execute it by creating a complete diversified portfolio of assets. Depending on your stage in life we can assist you in choosing the right investments in your traditional or Roth 401K or IRA accounts, prepare for retirement or large investments.

Financial Planning

We assist in the financial planning process and help you make better decisions. We help in setting up budgets, reducing and consolidating debts, protecting your assets with the right insurance and using credit cards and loans efficiently in order to increase your credit score.

Business Consulting

Our consulting practice can help you develop, refine and execute your business and financial plan. We will focus on multiple areas including – recruiting, market research, planning and developing marketing campaigns, lead generation, setting up operations, improve efficiency and value your business.

In need Solutions

About Us

In Need Solutions LLC is a provider of business and tax consulting services, financial and investment advice for individuals and businesses. We create value by helping our clients shape their goals and objectives for the future, assisting them in exploring different options and providing smooth execution on agreed upon investment policy statement.

Our Projects

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Our Focus

We aim to deliver tailored services that cover the entire spectrum of personal & business finance, tax, and business consulting. Therefore, we have decided to focus on practical skills and solutions that directlry reduce costs, improve our clients’ bottom line, and streamline the entire process of managing personal and business finances.
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Business Law

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