business consulting

Our Business Consulting Practice is focused on business strategy, CRM, sales channels development, finance and operations.

We can assist your new initiatives by understanding stakeholders’ goals and shaping vision and mission statements for your new ventures. We can further support your organization by laying down the objectives, policies and plans of your projects and programs and control for the best execution.

Independent analysis will prepare your firm to better understand the drivers of the business and industry in which your company is involved. We will assess what impact the new technology, competitors and economic environment will have on your operations and depending on the scope and size of the organization we will recommend best possible approaches.

Our prescriptive approaches are well grounded on best practices research and experience. They will assist your firm to accomplish its goals with proven methodologies and strategies.

Our descriptive approaches are creative and innovative giving your company the cutting edge in any new venture or project. We will work closely with your managers to define the right direction, assess the risks and perform effective and efficient execution.

Your Customers and Vendors are central for your success and our team can recommend channel strategies and optimization that will serve as an inseparable part of your company wide business objectives. We will strengthen your value chain by identifying target groups and strategic partners that will help you become a better known player in your industry and markets.

In Need Solutions can develop and strengthen your finance and operations by assessing the current state of your business processes and recommend improvements in the complete cycle of data management and reporting process.

This cycle includes:

  • Deciding on the most appropriate data management system depending on the scope and size of your business
  • Administering the data in the most efficient way with least resources
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators relevant for your business
  • Assessing performance and Results
  • Streamlining and Automating Reporting Processes
  • Building Forecasting Models for examining the effects of different business decisions

Our team can assist with the selection process of new data base and information systems and the project management of their implementation.

One of the challenges in controlling overhead costs is creating an efficient data entry and administration processes that will minimize costs and use of resources. We will make sure that these processes are effective and efficient by extensive internal audit and analysis.

Each business is unique and we can help in understanding which metrics are relevant for your company and how they can be used for a better understanding of performance and results of your company, business units, departments and individual employees. We will provide you with metrics and analytics that gives management set of perspectives and focus their attention on the critical company wide decisions.

Streamlining and Automation of the reporting processes will provide management with prompt and accurate approach in receiving the needed data points. It can save time and resources and help the company become more effective and efficient in its decision making process.

The ultimate goal of the data management cycle is to provide insight into the implications of each management decision. Our forecasting models will reflect the financial nuances in accepting a business project or deciding on a new strategy.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time.